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Sewerage infrastructure explained

What is a sewer pipe?

A sewer pipe includes the sewer branch that services an individual property and the main sewer lines which transport sewage away from the properties in the area to the sewage treatment plant.

What is a manhole?

A manhole (also known as a maintenance hole) is a sealed chamber attached to a sewer main providing access for Yarra Valley Water staff to inspect, test and clear blockages and obstructions in the sewer pipe. Manholes are fitted with removable covers and must be easily accessible at all times.

What is an inspection shaft?

An inspection shaft (also known as a maintenance shaft) is an access point to the sewer system that is too small for human access, but does allow instruments to inspect, test and clear blockages and obstructions within the sewer pipe. It must be accessible at all times.

What is a sewer vent?

A sewer vent is a cylindrical structure attached to the sewerage system and rising above ground level to a height generally above surrounding structures. They are topped by a vent or a wind driven turbine ventilator. Sewer vents are placed at various points on the sewerage system to assist in the reduction of gases and odours within the system.

What is an easement?

Easements (in relation to sewer infrastructure) are land where sewer pipes are located or where sewer pipes may be located in the future. Easements generally run along a boundary of a property. If sewer pipes are situated at the front of a property, they are usually located outside the property boundary. Easements must be easily accessible at all times.