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Apply for a Trade Waste Agreement

Applying for a Trade Waste Agreement involves submitting an application form and any relevant information to Yarra Valley Water.

For businesses including food manufacturers, metal finishes, car washes, printers, laundries, chemical manufacturers and similar business types.

Apply for a Trade Waste Agreement

In addition to your completed Trade Waste Application form, you also need to include:

  • a diagram of the Trade Waste pre-discharge treatment system (if applicable)
  • a technical specification of the treatment system (if applicable)
  • a list of chemicals that will be discharged including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Once you have completed and submitted your application form, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your application as well as any further steps required.

For assistance with completing your Trade Waste application form, call us on 9872 1240 or email [email protected].

Application forms are available as PDF downloads.

Trade Waste Application Form (1.5MB)

What happens next

We will provide a response to all applications for a Trade Waste Agreement within 10 business days of receiving the application advising:

  • whether the application has been accepted or rejected, or accepted with amendments; or
  • if a longer period is required to assess the application, when a decision will be made and an explanation for requesting a longer period; or
  • if further information is required to enable a full assessment and what further information must be provided by the applicant.
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