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Concessions and pensions

If you have a valid concession card, you can register to reduce the amount you need to pay.

If you're eligible for a concession or pension through a State Government department such as Department for Health & Human Services, Department of Veterans' Affairs or Centrelink, you can register for your concession to be applied to your Yarra Valley Water bill.

You get 50% off water use charges, up to an annual maximum. The concession amount on each bill depends on the number of days in each billing cycle, and is capped at $0.9465 per day or $0.4732 if you only have a single service (such as water only). If you're billed for water and sewerage charges the annual maximum concession amount is $345.50, or $172.75 if you're billed for a single service such as water only.

We'll backdate your concession for past bills from the start date on your card, or up to 12 months if your card is older than 12 months and credit this amount to your account.

Once you have registered your concession details, we will deduct the concession amount from your next bill and until your card is no longer valid.

Visit the Department of Families, Fairness & Housing Services website for more information

View more information on cards that are eligible to receive a concession on the DFFHS website

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