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How to read my bill

Use the diagrams below to understand the information that's provided on your bill.

Do you want to explore the front or back of your bill?

Explore the front of your bill

Sample of front of a water bill

Explore the back of your bill

Sample of back of a water bill

  1. Name and mailing address
  2. The summary shows all the charges that make up your bill
  3. Variable charges based on your water usage
  4. Fixed water charges and sewerage system charges
  5. Other authority charges. These don't relate to the water and sewerage services you get from us. We collect these charges for other authorities as it's cheaper for the community than if they sent you a bill
  6. Pension and concession discount
  7. The amount you pay per day is determined by dividing the total water and sewerage charges by the number of days in the billing period
  8. All the different ways you can pay
  9. Account number
  10. Invoice number
  11. Property information
  12. The total amount you need to pay
  13. The deadline by which you need to pay
  14. Average water use per day
  15. Breakdown of your water use and sewage disposal
  16. The number of days your bill is for
  17. Financial assistance is available if you're having difficulty paying
  18. How to contact us with any queries or complaints
  19. Explanation of all the charges on your bill.
  20. The estimated time for your next meter reading

Large print bill

We offer a large print bill for customers with low vision.

You can request to receive our large print bill by calling 1300 304 688.

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