Yarra Valley Water


Hazelwynde Project

We’re exploring a potential opportunity to partner to create a sustainable, water efficient community on land we own in Melbourne’s north.

map of locationYarra Valley Water owns 740 hectares of land in Beveridge north of Melbourne. The land, currently irrigated with recycled water to support local agriculture, will become surplus to our needs in 2023. We don’t intend to act as the property developer, however we are exploring whether we can deliver additional value for the community and our customers by having an ongoing involvement and engaging with the development sector to create a sustainable community development.  

Known as the Hazelwynde Development Project, this project is in its early, conceptual stages. Work to date indicates that there is potential for the project to deliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits, underpinned by best practice water management.

There are other successful examples of water utilities partnering with the development sector to transform surplus land for community value while showcasing the latest in sustainable water technology - like South East Water’s Aquarevo project, an award-winning residential development in Lyndhurst, south east of Melbourne.

With our expertise in water cycle management and environmental sustainability, we believe the project presents a significant opportunity to demonstrate best practice water management outcomes at suburban scale. This could include leading examples of waterway restoration in a Greenfields urban environment, wastewater and stormwater water recycling for residential and commercial purposes, along with design of the urban form to achieve a more liveable “blue-green” environment that provides long term benefits to the future community. 

We’re consulting widely with planning authorities, local government and the State Government to bring the vision for Hazelwynde to life. We’ve received strong support for the project from stakeholders to continue to explore this rare opportunity.  

Any decisions regarding the future use of the land will seek to achieve the greatest benefit for our customers and the broader Victorian community.

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