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Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub

Yarra Valley Water is investing more than $50 million in sewer infrastructure in Melbourne’s north. The Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub is a large storage facility to capture the flows that we get in wet weather in our sewage system.

Catering for growth

The State Government's Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) predicts that the expansion of Melbourne's northern growth corridor will accommodate a population of over 300,000.

At the time of the prediction, there was no existing major sewerage infrastructure between Craigieburn and Wallan, where most of the population growth will occur.

Project snapshot

The Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub is the largest sewage storage facility in Australia. Two 15 million litre tanks have been built, with the facility able to be expanded up to 210 million litres of storage as development in the area continues.

The site will service developments between Craigieburn and Wallan in Melbourne's Northern Growth Corridor. The area is predicted to have 100,000 new properties and accommodate a community of around 100,000 new homes and 300,000 people.

It is an important part of servicing the expanding northern growth area. It is sending waste from the Amaroo main sewer downstream to the western treatment plant, storing flows when required. This allows us to make the best use of the existing infrastructure that we have to service that growth.

The facility means large quantities of sewage flows associated with wet weather can be captured and managed without expensive upgrades to the downstream sewer network, reducing the risk of sewage spills.

By creating flexible infrastructure which can grow along with the community and keep up with demand, funds can continue to be invested where they are needed most.

The investment allows the infrastructure to expand as demand increases and is an innovative cost-effective alternative to building a large sewer in the area at twice the cost.

It is important that we continue to build innovative and adaptive infrastructure like the Craigieburn Sewage Transfer Hub to support this growing community for many years to come.

Construction of the facility was completed in mid-2019.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback please contact the project manager, Orry Thomas, on 9872 1575.

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