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Sewerage network improvements

Our sewerage system has been designed and constructed with significant additional capacity to contain peaks in daily flows and after heavy rainfall. In extreme storm events, wastewater flows can exceed the system’s capacity. To better manage these flows we install Emergency Relief Structures (ERS) within an existing maintenance hole to divert flows to a connecting pipeline. We also install a flow level monitoring device with each ERS.

Cootamundra Walk, Blackburn

Our project partner, Interflow, has completed work to install a new Emergency Relief Structure (ERS), pipeline and a flow level monitoring device at Cootamundra Walk - between Larch and Maple streets, Blackburn.

This work started in mid-April and was completed in July 2023. 

The new pipeline connects our sewer to Melbourne Water’s stormwater drain, allowing wastewater to be diverted during wet weather events. The ERS and flow level monitoring device were installed near the existing maintenance hole.

Thanks for your patience as this work was being completed.

Blackburn ERS project update - July 2023.pdf


ERS installed within maintenance hole
ERS installed within maintenance hole


The location of our planned works

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More information

For more information, contact our Project Manager, Hasinika Fernando on 9872 2619 or by email Hasinika.Fernando@yvw.com.au.

To better understand sewage spills, see Melbourne Water’s video https://www.melbournewater.com.au/media/2391