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Water mains cleaning

Yarra Valley Water conducts regular water mains cleaning works to improve water quality by removing any built up natural sediment in the pipes.

Project details

Yarra Valley Water cleans the water mains as part of our commitment to providing you with high quality water. It’s important to clean water mains from time to time to remove any potential build up of sediment in the pipes.

During the maintenance, water supply to customers in the area will be temporarily affected. 

Interruption to water supply

Those affected will receive one week's notice of a planned interruption to water supply via a card in the letterbox. 

Emergency water supply

There will be a supply of water available during the interruption if required. If you require emergency water supply, please call the contact number provided on the notification card

If your water is dirty or cloudy

When the water is turned back on you may temporarily experience dirty or cloudy looking water. This is completely normal and can be removed by running the tap at the rear of your property for a few minutes until the water is clear.

Contact us

If you have special water supply needs or any other queries, please contact the Site Manager by calling the contact number provided on the notification card and quote your address.

For all other queries or faults please contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 27 62.