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After the repair of a pipe leak, burst or planned works, we will restore the area to a similar condition to what it was before.

Our first priority is to make the area safe. Immediately following the works, we will place signage around the area, drop a note into your letterbox or give you a call, depending upon what is most appropriate, before we come back later to fix it permanently.

After a temporary reinstatement, the topsoil or bitumen can settle and sink. This occurs over time and particularly after rainfall.

If you see a road, footpath or nature strip that is subsiding and causing a safety hazard, please call us on 13 2762.

How long will it take to be permanently restored?

Nature strip

After repairing a leak or burst on your nature strip, the area will be seeded with lawn grass mix.

We leave stakes with tape around the area so it’s safe for you and provides the strip protection for the grass to grow back. Generally within a week, we return to remove the stakes.

The trees on nature strips are owned by council. The council is informed prior to a tree being removed and it will decide on the replacement.

Pavement, gutters or road

After we have made the pavement, gutter or road safe, the permanent restoration has to fit in around any planned council works or traffic management plans – so sometimes this may take a little longer than expected.

We make plans to fully restore pavement over the following weeks and aim to complete the reinstatement within two months.

Just after reinstatement, the new concrete can look different to the rest of the footpath or pavement.

New concrete can be much brighter in the beginning. However, over time, the new concrete will fade and in a year should be pretty similar to the existing pavement. The shade or colour of concrete we use is determined by the local council.

If you feel like permanent reinstatement is taking too long, submit an online enquiry or call 13 2762 to discuss the situation.

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