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Low water pressure

If you have noticed that your water pressure has changed, planned or emergency works in your local area could be the cause.

If the water is not flowing at its usual rate out of your taps, you can check our map for reported bursts and leaks in your area and an expected time when the problem will be resolved.

Look up reported bursts and leaks on the map

Alternatively, you can also review the list of planned works in your area and get more information on what you should and shouldn’t be experiencing.

Search planned works in your area

Finding the cause of your low pressure

If you have checked for works and can’t find an explanation, you can check if the problem is occurring on your property by taking the Bucket Test.

  1. Make sure the stop tap at your water meter is completely open. 
  2. Get a 10 litre bucket.
  3. Using the tap closest to your meter, time how long it takes to fill up the bucket with water. 
  4. If it fills in thirty seconds, this indicates that there may be a water pressure issue on your property (after the water meter).  You will need to engage a plumber to look further into what is causing the problem.
  5. If it does not fill in thirty seconds, this indicates an issue with the pressure of the water supply coming into your property (before the water meter).  You need to call us to organise for a team member to come to your property to investigate.

At any time if you are concerned, please contact us on 13 27 62 to report your problem as we may not be aware of the issue.