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Hawthorn renewal banner image

We’re keeping Hawthorn flowing

We’re investing $15 million to restore more than 50 kilometres of sewer pipes in Hawthorn without digging the streets.

What’s happening down under Hawthorn?

We maintain over 9,200 kilometres of sewers across Melbourne and regularly inspect the condition of sewer pipes using robotic cameras.

In Hawthorn, some sewer pipes are more than 100 years old and were near the end of their life.

We’re investing $15 million to repair the pipes using a non-invasive relining technique to avoid digging the streets.

Clever tech for minimal disruption

We use existing sewer maintenance holes in streets and laneways to access the pipes and the procedure is remotely controlled from above ground. No holes, no digging, and water and sewerage services are not affected by the works.

Bringing new life to old pipes

The relining procedure will give Hawthorn’s sewers another 50 years of life and will reduce the risk of blockages. When the sewer improvement works finish in mid-2018, the pipes will be newly renovated to provide many years of reliable service to the Hawthorn community.

Curious about Hawthorn's glorious sanitation history?

A history of Hawthorn's sanitation services