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Bulk water prices

Water is charged at the current Non Residential customer rate per Kilolitre (1kL = 1000 Litres).

Invoices are issued on the 15th day following the end of the quarter. For example, the bill for the January to March quarter will be issued on 15th April.

All customers are required to fill out monthly log sheets and are subject to the pricing requirements below.

Customer pricing arrangement from 1 July 2017

Commercial customers

  • An annual permit fee of $252.72 per vehicle billed on a quarterly basis at $63.18.
  • A hydrant usage fee of $2.8503 per kilolitre (kL) based on usage reported on monthly log sheets.

Domestic customers (water filling station access only)

  • No annual permit fee.
  • A Water Filling Station Usage Fee of $2.8503 per kilolitre (kL) based on usage reported on monthly log sheets.

Prices are approved by the Yarra Valley Water Managing Director and in some instances, independently by the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The ESC regulates the prices and before doing so takes into account Yarra Valley Water’s operation costs, the cost of maintaining and renewing existing infrastructure, the cost of providing new infrastructure to service new urban development and the cost of new water suppliers such as the desalination plant.