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Works by Authorities/Utilities

Yarra Valley Water’s Authority Works Team will help you and your contractors manage potential impacts of your works on water and sewer assets.

This will ensure high service standards for YVW customers and the community, during your works and into the future.

Authority Works are those by councils, other utility providers, and government entities. For example,

  • Level crossing removal projects
  • Road widening works
  • Councils installing new drains
  • Telco companies needing access to equipment within YVW sites

Yarra Valley Water assets in the vicinity of your works?

Construction works within three lateral metres of a Yarra Valley Water asset, are considered a potential impact.

YVW must be contacted for approval.

It is your responsibility to identify any potential impacts of the proposed works using the following links to access YVW asset information:




YVW authorities
Before You Dig Australia (BYDA)
Yarra Valley Water Asset Map



Please note: You will need to physically prove the line and level of all existing YVW assets with non-destructive digging (NDD) prior to commencement of works.

Assess the impacts to Yarra Valley Water assets in the vicinity of your works

Review your plans in relation to the YVW Asset Protection Guidelines

Submit an application to Yarra Valley Water’s Authority Works Team

To apply for YVW consent for the Authority Works please send an email to the Authority Works Team - [email protected], containing the following information,

  • The authority you represent.
  • Project contact (name, contact number and email address)
  • The location of the works.
  • Detailed plans highlighting the potential impacts to Yarra Valley Water assets.
  • Proposal of how impacts to Yarra Valley Water assets will be mitigated.
  • Program of works, including noting any critical path items.

Yarra Valley Water Authority Works Assessment Process

An Authority Works Project Manager will respond within fifteen business days. They will review the information provided and work with you to arrive at an appropriate protection strategy that meets our needs and has the least impact to your project, our customers, and the community.

The Authority are responsible for funding any YVW asset modifications required as part of the works.

For all other Authority Works related enquiries please email [email protected] or call 9872 1205 (9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday)