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Water and sewerage plans

If you’re planning a development, you need a property asset plan to find out where water and sewer assets are located within the property.

There are various ways to access plans.

Visit Before You Dig Australia

You can get a basic overview of Yarra Valley Water’s infrastructure (drinking and recycled water, and sewer mains) by submitting a request to Before You Dig Australia (BYDA), formerly known as Dial Before You Dig. 

Get these free basic plans from the Before You Dig Australia website.

Purchase plans from Yarra Valley Water

For more detailed information, you can purchase plans via our easyACCESS Portal using a credit card. Products include:

  • Property Sewerage Plan (PSP) - outlines the location of the internal private sewer pipes on a property that connect to a Yarra Valley Water sewer main.
  • Property Asset Plan - shows Yarra Valley Water infrastructure (water and sewer assets) that is on or near a property.
  • Sewer Depth and Offset Plan - outlines the depth of the Yarra Valley Water sewer pipe and offset from the property boundary. This plan is important when planning the location of a building on a property, so that restrictions relating to building above or near a sewer asset are adhered to.

Purchase plans online

View asset locations online

By using our online asset map, you can easily find Yarra Valley Water infrastructure. The interactive map includes up-to-date locations of current and proposed sewer, water and non-drinking water infrastructure.

View map information

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