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Connecting to pressure sewer

After you receive a notice from us to let you know that a sewerage service is now available to your property, you can apply to connect.

Read - how to connect

Step 1: Do you have pressure sewer unit equipment installed on your property?

If you have a tank with a green, round lid visible on your property, go to Step 3.

If not, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: If you haven’t already done so, book a consultation at your property

Book your consultation online

Our specialist contractor, Pressure Sewer Services Australia (PSSA), will meet you at your property, choose a location for the new equipment and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Get plumber quotes

Organise quotes from licensed plumbers to connect your household plumbing to the new equipment and to decommission your septic tank. 

We strongly recommend you get multiple quotes and you can use any licensed plumber you choose. 

Read - information about what to ask your plumber

Step 4: Choose a plumber and apply to connect

After you’ve chosen a plumber, either you or your plumber can apply to connect using the following forms. 

Property owner: apply to connect

Plumber: apply to connect on behalf of the property owner

After we receive the form, PSSA will coordinate with you and your plumber for the installation of the equipment and commissioning of the system.

Make sure your plumber doesn’t start any work until they receive a ‘consent to connect’ from us. If they’re unsure, they can get more information at yvw.com.au/plumberinfo.

More information

For information about the consultation, the cost to connect and other frequently asked questions, refer to yvw.com.au/cspFAQs.

Can’t afford to connect?

A government grant is available for customers who hold a concession card and have no savings. If you think you might be eligible, please contact our team for more information. Call 9872 2551 or email [email protected].

Do I have to connect?

You do not have to connect if your onsite sewerage system is working effectively and in accordance with Section 3 of the EPA Code of Practice - Onsite Wastewater Management and council onsite wastewater system permit conditions.