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For plumbers: connection information

Information for plumbers connecting customers' household plumbing to our pressure sewerage system

If you've been asked to quote to connect our customers to our pressure sewerage system, please take the time to watch the short instructional video and read through the information on this page.

The connection process

The first thing you need to determine is if the customer has had the necessary equipment, a pressure sewer unit, installed on their property:

connection process

We provide customers with the following fact sheet when we notify them they can connect:

Plumbing Fact Sheet

More information

All processes are automated, and all requests must come through our website through the links below. Phoning won’t help you ‘jump the queue’.

yvw.com.au/bookPSSA - for customers to book their consultation and organise installation of the pressure sewer unit 

yvw.com.au/ConnectPressure – for you or the customer to apply to connect, triggers PIC

yvw.com.au/CSPfaqs – for fact sheets, FAQs, customer information

Email [email protected] to submit VBA Certificate of Compliance and ‘as laid’ plans


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