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What are the costs?

While we fund the construction of the new sewerage network, it is the property owner's responsibility to pay connection costs.

Connection cost information

Plumbing costs

You are responsible for arranging a licensed plumber to decommission your onsite wastewater treatment system and to connect your household plumbing to the connection point provided.

Plumbing Connection Application

Once sewer is available and the property owner is ready to connect, an application will need to be made to Yarra Valley Water to obtain consent to connect. This can be made by the property owner or the plumber by applying online:

The applicant will be issued with approval paperwork including a PIC Consent to Connect Number, Conditions and Property Sewer Plan. This information should be passed onto your plumber as plumbers need this approval to complete the property connection and issue a Compliance Certificate validating their work.

Connecting to the new system

Yarra Valley Water will pay for the cost of constructing the piped pressure sewerage system and providing your property with a connection point for your property to the pipes in the street.

Property owners must pay for the following:

A plumber to disconnect and make safe your existing septic tank and connect your property’s plumbing to the new pressure sewer unit. For most properties, this cost will be around $3,000 to $6,000. The cost may be more for some properties depending on things like the distance of your house to the sewer connection point, ease of access to your pipes and the compliance of your property’s existing plumbing.

Once your property is connected, there will be ongoing sewerage charges of around $590 a year, depending on how much water your household uses. Property owners serviced via pressure sewer units will also need to pay electricity costs associated with the pressure sewer unit which has a pump. This is expected to range from $70 to $150 per year.

To get an exact figure, we recommend that you obtain several quotes from licensed plumbers. 

Decommissioning the old system

Property owners will be responsible for decommissioning any existing septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems. This work should be undertaken by a licensed plumber at the time of connection.

For further information about decommissioning treatment systems, refer to the EPA code of practice – Onsite Wastewater management. Referring to Appendix B: Septic Tanks. Decommissioning Treatment Systems on page 55

Ongoing costs

Water and sewerage services play a significant part in supporting our standard of living and protecting public health and the cost of providing these services is paid by our customers. 

There are two charges for accessing sewerage services:

  • Sewerage System Charge
  • Water and Sewer Usage

Prices are approved by the Essential Services Commission which is the independent economic regulator appointed by the State Government. Prices generally change on 1 July each year.

Property owners with a pressure sewer unit will also need to pay ongoing electricity costs associated with the pressure sewer unit's pumping costs. This is expected to range from $70 to $150 per year.

Read more about fees and charges relating to your bills.