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What are the costs?

While we fund the construction of the new sewerage network, it is the property owner's responsibility to pay connection costs.

As a property owner, you're responsible for paying:

  1. A Contribution Fee that is on the property's Yarra Valley Water bill spread over 20 years.
  2. A plumber to connect you to the new system, and decommission your old system.
  3. Ongoing costs for sewerage system and sewage disposal.

Connection cost information

  • Community Sewerage Contribution Fee

    The Community Sewerage Contribution Fee is a contribution customers pay towards the cost of Yarra Valley Water bringing sewerage infrastructure into their area.

    As of 2018/19, the total fee is $1,649.39. 

    Yarra Valley Water collects this fee by adding a quarterly charge to customers’ bills. The quarterly charge in 2018/19 is $28.54 (principal plus interest) applied over a twenty-year period. Yarra Valley Water begins to apply the charge 12 months after the sewerage service is declared available for connection. 

    • We will waive the charge if the customer connects in the first year.
    • If customers are unable to connect in the first year, Yarra Valley Water will start adding a charge to customers’ quarterly bills. We will cease collection of the quarterly payments when the property is connected.

    Customers who do not connect are still required to make this contribution as the new sewerage network is designed to benefit the whole community. 

    This fee is property-based. If the property is sold within the twenty-year chargeable period, the purchaser of the property will be required to pay the outstanding balance.

  • Plumbing costs

    You are responsible for arranging a licensed plumber to decommission your onsite wastewater treatment system and to connect your household plumbing to the connection point provided.

    Plumbing Connection Application

    Once sewer is available and the property owner is ready to connect, an application will need to be made to Yarra Valley Water to obtain consent to connect. This can be made by the property owner or the plumber by calling 1300 651 511 or applying online.

    The applicant will be issued with approval paperwork including a PIC Consent to Connect Number, Conditions and Property Sewer Plan. This information should be passed onto your plumber as plumbers need this approval to complete the property connection and issue a Compliance Certificate validating their work.

    IMPORTANT: For Community Sewerage Program properties only, Yarra Valley Water will waive the Application Fee ($90.95 from 1 July 2016) for properties connecting in the first 12 months.

    Connecting to the new system

    When a property connects to the sewerage system, new plumbing works are usually required to move the sanitary drain from the existing wastewater treatment unit to the new sewerage connection point. 

    As every property is different, we cannot provide an accurate quote for you and your property. However, you can use the following table as a guide to determine what your connection cost may be. This does not take into account the characteristics of your property. To get an exact figure, we recommend that you obtain several quotes from licensed plumbers. 

    Estimated cost depends on the distance from your septic tank to the connection point

    Metres Estimated cost
    5 $3000
    6-10 $3100-3500
    11-20 $3600-4500
    21-30 $4600-5500
    31-40 $5600-6500
    41-50 $6600-7500
    51-60 $7600-8500
    61-70 $8600-9500
    71-80 $9600-10,500
    81-90 $10,600-11,500
    91-100 $11,600-12,500

    Decommissioning the old system

    Any decommissioning of existing septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems is also the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Ongoing costs

    Similar to water charges there are two charges for accessing sewerage services:

    • Sewerage System Charge
    • Sewage Disposal Charge

    These are charged on the quarterly bill. Read more about fees and charges.