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Ready to connect? Pressure sewer customers

Pressure sewer customers: ready to connect?

If you’ve received a notice from us to let you know that sewerage services are now available in your area, you can now apply to connect.

You don’t have to connect to the new sewerage system provided your onsite wastewater (septic) system is working effectively and in accordance with Section 3 of the EPA Code of Practice – Onsite Wastewater Management and council onsite wastewater system permit conditions. 

What you need to do to connect:

  1. If you already have your pressure sewer unit equipment installed on your property, go to step 4.
  2. If you're in a pressure sewer area and don't have the equipment installed, you'll need to organise a design appointment and equipment installation with our specialist delivery partner, Pressure Sewer Services Australia (PSSA).

    We pay for the design appointment, the equipment and its installation.

    - Book your design appointment now using the web form below

    Book a pressure sewer unit design appointment using this PDF form.

    This appointment provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your preferred location for the sewer equipment on your property. Installing the equipment will be scheduled following this appointment.

  3. After the equipment installation is complete, and you'll receive a design plan, Conditions of Connection and instructions for your new equipment. 
  4. Organise quotes from licensed plumbers to connect your household plumbing to the new equipment, using the design plan we give you. You will also need to ask for a quote to decommission your septic tank. 
    More information about what to ask your plumber
  5. Your plumber will decommission your septic tank, and connect your property to the new service, and give you a Compliance Certificate to certify that all plumbing work complies with the relevant plumbing standards.
  6. Send your Compliance Certificate to:
    Plumbing team
    Yarra Valley Water
    Private Bag 1
    Mitcham VIC 3132

PSU Installation Application Form

Site address
Property owner contact details
Alternative contact details (eg spouse/builder)
Further information
Is the property tenanted?
Are you planning any future building works (eg pool, shed, extensions)?
Is your property for sale?
Submission confirmation

The Conditions of Connection are for your information only and don’t apply when making an obligation free design appointment. If, after your design appointment, you choose to proceed with the installation of your pressure sewer system you will need to agree to them.

Please take the time to read the Terms and Conditions now so you can ask questions and discuss them with our representative during your appointment.

Read Terms and Conditions