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North Warrandyte Community Sewerage Project

Yarra Valley Water is investing over $300 million to bring sewer services to 17,000 properties by 2030.

The Community Sewerage Program is an ongoing initiative by Yarra Valley Water to stop the environmental damage and health risks being caused by poorly maintained septic tanks. This program provides customers who are currently connected to septic tanks the infrastructure needed to connect to the sewer system.

Approximately 1,000 properties in North Warrandyte are set to receive access to modern sewerage services as a part of the Community Sewerage Program.

Works in progress on the Community Sewerage ProgramThe $25 million portion of the project is expected to be completed in December 2016 and will allow residents of North Warrandyte to replace their current septic tank systems with environmentally friendly sewerage services.

The North Warrandyte program began after Nillumbik Shire Council identified a number of properties in the area that could not successfully manage their wastewater year-round, causing hazardous spills into the environment.

For many, the new infrastructure being constructed as part of the program will provide the opportunity to connect to the sewer system for the first time.

Connecting to Yarra Valley Water's sewerage system provides significant benefits including: 

  • Protecting the health of downstream surface and ground waters.
  • Reduction of odours around your home. 
  • No ongoing costs to maintain or upgrade your septic system.
  • Greater flexibility for home improvement options. 
  • Increased property value. 
  • Reduced risk to public health.