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Water quality reports

We regularly report on our water quality.

We have a comprehensive water quality monitoring program to ensure that the water we supply is high quality and pleasant to drink. Every year our independent laboratory collects and tests over 7,000 samples, whilst we monitor the water supply at selected representative customer taps in 32 separate water quality zones. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality water.

You can access financial year to date water quality test results from across these specific zones, including descriptions of the elements tested.  All you need is a postcode or suburb and we can provide you with the results.

Access Current Water Quality Results 

Our Statement of Obligations is issued by the Government and specifies obligations and requirements for the supply of water to our customers and an annual audit is undertaken by the Essential Services Commission to ensure that we comply.

We communicate these results to our customers in our Annual Water Quality Reports.

Download our annual water quality reports.

Recycled water quality reports

Our recycled water quality monitoring program ensures that the recycled water we supply is safe and meets the quality set by the EPA and Department of Health and Human Services.

Recycled water quality reports

What is monitored in the water quality program, and why?

The criteria that are monitored are essentially microbiological, physical and chemical parameters. Tests for the physical and chemical parameters monitor characteristics that affect the appearance, taste and smell of water but generally do not cause a health risk.

We also conduct Microbiological tests for bacteria that may indicate, but not always confirm the presence of waterborne organisms that can potentially cause disease. The primary indicator identified is E.coli and any indication of this would trigger further testing.

The Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 and Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2015 specify the standards we meet to ensure public health. The State Government of Human Services manages the implementation of these standards in Victoria.

In addition, the National Health and Medical Research Council have established Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. How often we sample your water is outlined by these regulations and guidelines. They also define the criteria including how and where these samples are collected to make sure they are representative of the water we supply to our customers.