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Testing and reporting

If you have a testable backflow prevention device installed at the water meter you must have the device tested every 12 months. 

Annual testing ensures that the backflow prevention device continues to operate correctly. A defective device can: 

  • cause a backflow incident 
  • allow water to escape through leaking devices 
  • reduce the water pressure to your property. 

To complete the test, you need to engage an accredited backflow prevention plumber.

Test results

Not sure if you're in the Yarra Valley Water area? Check the address on the DEPI website.

Inspection and maintenance report

A photocopy of your test result can be sent to us via:

Mail: Backflow Prevention Coordinator
Yarra Valley Water
Private Bag 1
Mitcham VIC 3132

Fax 9872 1242

Email to [email protected]

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