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What are my responsibilities?

We are responsible for water purity within the water supply system. The risk to water supply is from the processes carried out on your premises which makes it your responsibility to ensure backflow does not occur at the property.

As a property owner, your responsibilities are to:

  • install a backflow prevention device
  • protect the drinking water supply on your property by installing a zone or individual protection system
  • engage an accredited backflow prevention plumber to assess, install, commission and test your device
  • ensure your plumber installs the correct device for your property
  • have your device tested annually and engage a plumber to ensure it is working properly.

If you have a tenant, it is up to you as property owner to negotiate with the tenant about who pays for the installation and all ongoing maintenance.


If you have a testable backflow prevention device installed at the water meter you must have the device tested every 12 months. The test results will need to be submitted to Yarra Valley Water. 

Plumber’s responsibilities

  • A qualified licensed plumber can install the device.
  • An accredited backflow prevention plumber can assess, install, commission and test a backflow prevention device.

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