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Apply for separate metering

No application fees are applicable when changing from one meter to check meters for an existing unit development.

Where multiple units are supplied by one main water meter, each property needs to have a check meter installed to be separately metered. In order to have your unit/flat supplied by its own water meter, all other unit/flat owners must also agree to have their units/flats separately metered as well.

Your application form must be endorsed by all property/unit owners, or the Secretary of the Owner’s Corporation where a majority decision has been reached. This agreement is in compliance with Section 206 of the Subdivision (Body Corporate) Regulations 2001.

Once the individual check meters are installed, each unit owner will pay the same rate of service charges as they are currently paying, plus usage charges as per their individual meter. All owners will share the responsibility for any usage that gets billed to the main meter account. This water use may be from a leak or for any common area water use such as a communal garden tap.

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20 MB limit.
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Application Details

Applicants name will appear on the invoice

Property address

Please tick if your mailing address is different to your property address. 

Mailing Address

Plumbers Details

If a plumber has not yet been appointed, please leave this section blank. If required, we will obtain these details from you at the time of booking the installation of water meters.

Water Service

When your application is assessed by Yarra Valley Water the size of your existing Main Meter will be assessed. If it does not meet the requirements to service the number of units in your development, an upsize of the Main Meter will be recommended.

Should you wish to retain the existing service and simply add individual check meters, please submit a signed letter from a licensed plumber or hydraulic consultant stating that the pressure and flow to each property within the development will be sufficient with the addition of the check meters. Please note that if it is determined at a later date that internal water supply flow rates have been affected, it will be the responsibility of the Owners or the responsible Owner’s Corporation to carry out and pay for any rectification works required.

Existing Meter Size
Please provide a signed letter from the plumber or hydraulic consultant if the main meter is not being upgraded to meet minimum requirements
One file only.
20 MB limit.
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Number of Individual Water Meters Required

A water meter must be provided for each unit. The standard water meter size is 20mm.

Do you require remote water meters?
Any meter that will be located behind a fence, in a basement or in a cupboard must have a remote meter reading device installed.

Shared Services

Separate water meters are required to be installed on any shared services.

Examples of shared services include any bulk hot water systems, irrigation, bin rooms, communal laundries, shared swimming pools or any common areas supplied with a water service. This will ensure that each unit and common area in the development has a separately metered service, and that all water delivered to the property is measured.

Are there any shared services that require water meters?

Site Plan

  • Upload a Site Plan or Plan of Subdivision.
  • Plans must show an outline of each unit and the unit number. 
  • Additional information can be uploaded if it will help assess the application.
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png bmp pdf doc docx.

Application Conditions

Upon assessment of your application, you will be provided with a Conditions of Connection response. The Conditions of Connection will include a tax invoice for all products that are required for your application. This tax invoice must be paid within 90 days of receipt of the Conditions of Connection. All fees must be paid before water meters can be installed.

By submitting this application, I declare that the information supplied is true and correct. I am authorised by the owners of these units to make this application on their behalf and agree to pay all fees relating to this application.

Note: In the event it is determined that inaccurate information has been provided as part of this application, consent may be withdrawn, additional requirements and/or penalties may be imposed.

By ticking this box I agree to the conditions above
The applicant named above will be responsible for all fees associated with this application