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Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency program that encourages metropolitan Melbourne households to use water efficiently, aiming for 155 litres per person per day. 

We’re only two-thirds of a bucket of water away.

Melburnians have adopted a great culture of saving water – we’re using 22 per cent less than ten years ago - but as Melbourne’s population continues to grow and dry conditions continue to impact our water storages, it’s important we continue to use water responsibly. Small changes today will help secure water supplies for current and future generations of Victorians. Residential water use across Melbourne was 161 litres per person per day in 2016/17.

With some simple and easy behaviour changes we can all reach Target 155 – it’s the equivalent of everyone using two-thirds of a bucket less every day. 

Working towards Target 155

It’s a goal for us all to work towards and a reminder of how we can help reduce water waste. To find out how you’re going, look for the average daily water use information on your bill and see how it compares with the daily target of 155 litres per person.

We can all play a role

It has been dry in Melbourne for some time which has had an impact on our water storage levels. Combined with the impact of Melbourne’s growing population, we need to manage both the demand and supply of water. The security of the desalination plant provides a boost for Victorian supplies, but sensible water saving measures can help keep demand at reasonable levels. 

Household use makes up most of Melbourne’s water use, so saving water at home has a big impact on our water supplies. Alternative water sources such as rainwater, stormwater and recycled water are actively used within our homes, businesses, schools and communities. 

To find out how Melbourne is measuring up, check out the Melbourne Water website to track how we are all working towards T155.

Take a look at water saving tips


Water Saving Tips by Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen explains how we can all do our bit and reach our target of 155 litres of water per person per day.


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