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At home

There are simple and easy changes we can all make to save water.

  • Take shorter showers.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  • Use a plug in the sink when preparing vegetables, washing fruit or washing dishes by hand.
  • Use mulch or compost in the garden to increase water absorption and the moisture content of your soil.
  • Washing with a full sink or water-efficient dishwasher will save you a minimum of 10 litres per day. If you've only got a few dishes that must be washed, fill the kitchen sink to a third of the way.

Visit the Smart Water Advice website to discover ways of reducing your water 
wastage in your home.

Go to Smart Water Advice website

Need information in Easy English?

Download Easy English document 'Using Water in Summer' (PDF 730KB)

The Water Watchers

After their home planet was drained by evil Water Wasters, the Water Watchers set off to find a new planet with fresh flowing water.

Now, they’re here to remind all Earthlings about why it’s so important to save water and all the different ways you can do it. By working together, we can protect our beautiful planet and its precious water supply. 

Order a Water Watcher today, they're a helpful reminder to use less water around the home. You can also book an incursion for your school.

Find out more and order a free Water Watcher today!

Be a water-wise gardener

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth and our native plants are built to withstand such dry conditions. Replace non-indigenous plants with Australian varieties for a water-efficient garden, or consider planting a raingarden to capture stormwater or overflow from a rainwater tank.

Visit the Smart Garden Watering website  to help calculate how much water your garden needs and explore ways of watering your garden more efficiently.

Go to Smart Garden Watering website

Install a rainwater tank

Capturing rainwater to use in your garden is an excellent way to reduce the amount of drinking water you use.

Tanks are available in various sizes and styles so before you buy, discuss your options with your local licensed plumber, who will also have to complete the installation.

Buy a water-efficient washing machine

If you're buying a new washing machine, make sure it has at least a five-star water efficiency rating and four-star energy rating. Front-loading washing machines are usually the most water-efficient, using up to 50 per cent less water.

Check how much water your appliances are using.

Install a dual flush toilet

For a family of four, installing a dual flush toilet can save more than 35,000 litres of water a year.

Check for leaks

Just one dripping tap can waste four litres a day. There are some things you can do to check for leaks around your home;

  • Place a cup under each tap while you are out of the house for the day. If there is more than a dribble in each cup when you return, you need to replace the washer.
  •  Put a few drops of food dye in the toilet cistern. If in 15 minutes your toilet bowl is anything but pearly white, you have a leak that could be costing you 100 litres per day.
  • Take the two-minute leak test.
  • Investigate a high water bill.
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