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An important step in water efficiency is to identify the areas where your business uses its water.

In order to determine where water is used within your business, install and read water meters positioned on key equipment on the business site.

Could you have a leak?

There can be many causes of leaks, from dripping taps and toilet cisterns to faulty appliances like hot water and dripper systems. Many water leaks can go undetected unless you test.

Take the two-minute leak test

Resources for your business

Discover how to save water across different parts of the business sector including nurseries, food processing, manufacturing, commercial laundries, the building industry, hospitality, textiles, horticulture and viticulture.  

Go to Smart Water Advice website

My Cooling Tower provides technical information, best practice guidelines and case studies to help you improve the water efficiency of your cooling tower. You can also calculate the efficiency of your cooling tower and see what opportunities there are to save water.

Go to My Cooling Tower website

EPA has assembled a range of hints and tips aimed at assisting you to improve the resource efficiency in your business. Their tips will help identify ways to improve business environmental performance while increasing productivity and reducing costs of production.

Go to the EPA website