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We get it. The shower is a safe space - a place to relive moments and memories, to ponder or perform on stage, brainstorm the next great idea or wind down. But while you take the time to find your Zen, our precious water supply is being wasted.

Changes in weather patterns have meant Melbourne is currently using more water than we get from rainfall - meaning there’s never been a more important time to make every drop count.

The good news?  The less time you spend singing, studying or solving the world’s problems in the shower, the more you’re helping our planet thrive.

And if saving water isn’t reason enough to shave a few minutes off your soaking time, taking a shorter shower will also see you save energy, reduce Greenhouse gases, and save on your bottom line too.

How exactly does that work?

Save water – we already know that showers are the largest contributor to household water use. Less time in the shower = less water.

Save energy  – on average 25% of a household’s power use comes from heating water. With the most water on average being used in the shower, a shorter shower will reduce energy.

Reduce Greenhouse gases – the energy required to heat up water, has a carbon footprint that’s largely invisible but extensive. Using less hot water (via a shorter shower) reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

Save money – A combination of less water and energy being used translates into cheaper household bills.

That’s a win, win, win, and win!

Fast Facts

  • Showers make up an average of 31 per cent of a typical household’s water use.
  • Over the past ten years, average shower times have increased from six minutes 30 seconds to seven minutes.
  • By reducing your shower time from the average 7 minutes to 4 minutes, you can:
    • save 24 litres of water per shower.
    • save an average of $200 a year on water and energy bills.
    • reduce an estimated 359 kg CO2-e Greenhouse Gas emissions per annum – that’s the equivalent a flight from Melbourne to Townsville!

 Where Melburnians use water at home:

diagram of house with water usage for each room

The numbers behind the savings:

  • By reducing your shower time from the average 7 minutes to 4 minutes, you can save 24 litres per shower. Assumes typical flow rate of 7.8 litres per minute.
  • Reduce your shower time to 4 minutes and you can save an average of $200 a year on water and energy bills. Assumes 3 persons in house, natural gas – storage 4 star unit, 7.1 minute average shower time to begin with.
  • Estimated 359 kg CO2-e GHG emissions reduction per annum. Assumes 7.1 minute down to 4 minute, 7.8 L/min flow rate, natural gas – storage 4 star hot water system, 3 person household, 1 shower per person per day.
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