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How much does it cost?

Trade waste fees and charges vary depending on the business activity.

Most food businesses will pay an application fee (once off) and an annual contract fee. These charges are exempt from GST.

Application Fee - $63.99 (effective 1 July 2021)

This fee is charged on application and renewal and applies to all customers.

New trade waste customers, and existing customers who are required to renew their agreement, pay an application fee that contributes to the cost of assessing the impact of the trade waste discharge on the sewerage transfer and treatment systems.

Contract Fee - $582.06 annually (effective 1 July 2021)

A pro rata amount is billed quarterly and is applicable to all customers.

All trade waste customers pay an annual fee to cover the operational costs incurred in the regulation, maintenance and consultation of trade waste customers.

These fees are pro-rata and charged quarterly. Customers are subject to a stepped fee based on their risk ranking, with highest risk customers paying the highest fees. Most food businesses attract the lowest risk fees.

For example, John started trading in his 'fish & chip' shop.

Prior to starting the business John:

  1. Applied for a Trade Waste agreement and was issued a consent by Yarra Valley Water; and
  2. Confirmed and provided proof to Yarra Valley Water that the shop had an appropriately sized grease trap installed and was in good working order as detailed in the Trade Waste agreement.

When John applied for a Trade Waste agreement an application fee of $63.99 was charged for Yarra Valley Water to review the business and associated requirements. Each quarter, starting from the date John told us he was opening, a Contract Fee is billed (this fee is $582.06 annually split over each quarter).

Please note that some retail food businesses may attract quality and volumetric charges. This will be identified when your trade waste application form is processed and your individual circumstances are assessed.

Other fees and charges that may be applicable to food businesses

Asset Protection Fee – $562.32 annually (effective 1 July 2021)

A pro rata amount is billed quarterly if is applies to your business.

A condition of discharging trade waste for certain customers is an appropriate pre-treatment device installed in accordance with Yarra Valley Water requirements.

The asset protection charge covers the additional cost incurred by Yarra Valley Water due to uncontrolled discharge flows into our sewerage system. This charge will persist until the installation of the appropriate pre-treatment has been confirmed or otherwise consented to by Yarra Valley Water.

Retention of Access to Trade Waste Service – $582.06 annually (effective 1 July 2021)

A pro rata amount is billed quarterly if it applies to the property.

Disused trade waste treatment equipment is a potential risk to Yarra Valley Water assets, systems and people if left unattended.

Currently we permit property owners to retain unused trade waste treatment systems rather than disconnect them from the sewerage system upon payment of a retention of apparatus fee.

Non-Compliance Fee - $102.31 per non-compliance event (effective 1 July 2021)

A non-compliance process is implemented in instances where trade waste dischargers do not comply with their legal requirements either under the relevant legislation (Water Act 1989 and Water Industry Regulations 2006) or the requirements contained within their Trade Waste Agreement.

Yarra Valley Water charges the non-compliant customer a fee to cover our costs in negotiating and managing the non-compliance.  

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