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How to apply

The Trade Waste Agreement is a document that allows your business to discharge trade waste into the sewer. It details what you must do to comply with trade waste legislation and helps us correctly manage the sewerage system.

What do I need to do as a new food business?

  1. Prior to purchasing or starting your food business, you must confirm if there is an adequately sized grease trap at the property for your business activities. Please contact our Trade Waste department to discuss sizing requirements.
  2. You must have a Trade Waste Agreement in place before you start to trade.
  3. The Trade Waste Agreement is required to be in the business owner’s name, and is not transferrable. A new agreement must be established for new business owners.

This is the law

It is an offence to discharge trade waste into the sewerage system without a Trade Waste Agreement. Financial penalties apply if you don’t do the right thing.

Apply for a Trade Waste Agreement