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Why is my bill high?

Has your latest water bill given you a shock? We’re here to help you investigate why it’s higher than usual.

Remember, your water bill covers a full three months. When you look back over such a long time period, you may find a simple explanation such as extra people in the house, seasonal changes or you may have a leak.

Does it include the Parks charge?

Since 1 July 2023, the Parks Charge is included in all quarterly bills instead of billed once a year. It doesn’t relate to the water and sewerage services you get from us; we collect it on behalf of Parks Victoria and the money goes directly to Parks Victoria, Zoos Victoria, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance and other community facilities. The reason we collect this charge for Parks Victoria is that it’s cheaper than if they issued you a separate bill. 

Correct meter reading?

If the reading on your meter is lower than the reading on your previous bill, we may have recorded your reading incorrectly when we last read your meter. If this is the case, contact one of our Customer Service Consultants on 1300 304 688 with the reading you have taken.

Before you call, make sure we have the correct meter number and amount. Go to the water meter (usually at the front of your property near the garden tap) and check that the Meter Number matches the number on the back of your bill. Learn how to read your meter.

Any leaks?

The most common cause for a spike in your water bill is a sneaky leak. You’d be surprised how much water can be wasted from a slow leak.

Check around your home for:

  • Dripping taps
  • Slow trickles from the toilet cistern
  • Damp spots in the garden that could indicate a damaged water pipe
  • Leaks from appliances such as the hot water system or evaporative cooler.

Take the 2 minute leak test. It could help you track down the cause for your higher water bill.

Any visitors?

Just one extra person in a household can add more than 1000 litres to your water consumption in a week. If you’ve had friends or family come to stay, this could explain why your bill is higher than usual. It may also be due to a new baby or new permanent family member.

Fun in the pool or spa?

If you have had more people than usual using your pool or spa, that will lead to higher than normal water loss. And more use leads to more frequent top-ups. If the spa or pool is heated you will also have more rapid water evaporation. Have you topped up the pool or spa more than usual? That could explain your higher water bill.

Change of season?

Make sure you’re comparing your water bill with the same period last year.

In warmer months, you may use more water to keep your garden healthy and to stay cool.  An evaporative cooler or more frequent garden watering are common reasons for higher water use over spring and summer. In the cooler months this may be due to an increase in laundry and clothes washing and long hot showers.

Still doesn’t add up?

If you’re still concerned about your high water bill, please give us a call. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of it.

We are happy to work through the last three months of water use at your place. We’ll do what we can to help you manage your water use. If we’ve made a mistake, we’ll fix it. We understand that a higher bill can be unexpected so if you need more time to pay we may be able to help.

No-one likes a shock. Call us on 1300 304 688.