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Water Outlook for Melbourne

Why be water wise?

The forecast is in. Melbourne is set for a warmer-than-average summer.

You can read about it online in our Water Outlook 2021. The document is put together by Melbourne’s four metropolitan water authorities, including us, and reports on:

  • the security of our city’s water supplies
  • the actions we’re taking as water retailers to ensure there’s water for everyone.

Melbourne Water Outlook 2021 (PDF, 1.98 MB)

Melbourne Water Outlook 2021 summary ( PDF, 582KB)

Water Restriction By-law

Under the Water Act each water utility is required to manage water restriction rules under a By-law. Our By-law incorporates four stages of water restrictions and specifies what can and cannot be done when each stage of restriction is in place. If a stage of restriction is in place, it supercedes Permanent Water Use Rules.

Water Restriction By-law (1.74 MB)

Drought Preparedness Plan

The process for how water restriction decisions are made is contained in our Drought Preparedness Plan. The Drought Preparedness Plan ensures a timely and effective response to to water shortages with the aim of minimising social, economic and environmental impacts.

Drought Preparedness Plan (106 KB)