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Water Outlook for Melbourne

Why be water wise?

Melbourne's water supplies remain secure for another year but even with high storages, Melburnians still needed to plan ahead to secure the city’s future water supplies.

You can read about it online in our Water Outlook 2022. The document is put together by Melbourne’s four metropolitan water authorities, including us, and reports on:

  • the security of our city’s water supplies
  • the actions we’re taking as water retailers to ensure there’s water for everyone.

Melbourne Water Outlook 2022 (PDF, 3.38 MB)

Melbourne Water Outlook 2022 (Word document, 8.1 MB)

Water Restriction By-law

Under the Water Act each water utility is required to manage water restriction rules under a By-law. Our By-law incorporates four stages of water restrictions and specifies what can and cannot be done when each stage of restriction is in place. If a stage of restriction is in place, it supercedes Permanent Water Use Rules.

Water Restriction By-law (518 KB)

Drought Preparedness Plan

The process for how water restriction decisions are made is contained in our Drought Preparedness Plan. The Drought Preparedness Plan ensures a timely and effective response to to water shortages with the aim of minimising social, economic and environmental impacts.

Drought Preparedness Plan (106 KB)


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