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PIC numbers

A PIC number is the number Yarra Valley Water issues to the applicant of a development.

To apply for a PIC number, access the Yarra Valley Water online portal from here.

The PIC number is required by the licensed plumber to register their work with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and Yarra Valley Water.

A PIC number is required for:

  • Recycled water
    Once an application in a recycled water area has been approved recycled water PIC will be provided. The plumber must use the specific PIC number applicable to the relevant property when booking an inspection via the Recycled Water Inspection booking system.  Recycled Water PIC numbers start with '1203' or '1204'. 
  • Sewer
    Once an application has been approved for below ground sanitary drains to be altered, or to connect to Yarra Valley Water’s infrastructure, an inspection must be arranged as follows:
    • A sewer inspection must be arranged with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).
    • For properties in Greenvale, Craigieburn or Roxburgh Park with a PIC number starting with ‘1201’ or ‘1203’, a mandatory sewer inspection must also be arranged with Yarra Valley Water. 

For single unit applications the PIC number will be issued on the Conditions of Connection.

For multi unit applications the PIC numbers will be emailed to the applicant upon payment of all fees (application fees, plumbing products, and New Customer Contributions (NCCs) if applicable). 

A separate PIC number will be provided for each unit or lot in a multi unit development. The plumber must use the specific PIC number applicable to the relevant property when booking an inspection.

YVW and property owner sewer branch responsibilities

Yarra Valley Water’s (YVW) responsibility of the sewer connection point is dependent on the location of the sewer main and the first Inspection Opening (I.O), which may be above or below ground. YVW and property owner responsibilities for the sewer connection points are outlined here.

Property Sewer Plans

Plumbers are required to complete and submit an updated property sewer plan (PSP) to [email protected] seven (7) days after new internal sewer pipes have been laid or modifications to existing pipes on the property have been carried out. Please complete and submit the PSP provided in the Conditions of Connection response. Photographs of plans and plans drawn over site plans or building plans will be rejected.

You can purchase an existing PSP for a specific property.