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Working with recycled water

Yarra Valley Water is making Class A recycled water available to residential developments in several nominated areas.

In these areas developers will construct an additional pipe system to supply Class A recycled water to each home.

Homes in these developments can use Class A recycled water to wash clothes, flush toilets, water gardens and lawns, and even wash cars without restriction.

If you're connecting a residential or commercial property to recycled water supply, you need to be aware of specific conditions.

Supplementary Conditions of Connection for Class A Recycled Water


Yarra Valley Water will carry out recycled water inspections.

If the recycled water connections are not carried out in accordance with the Conditions of Connection, we will request the work be rectified under the provisions of the Water Act 1989.

There are three inspection types:

  1. Meter assembly to house
  2. Rough in
  3. Commissioning stage

To arrange an inspection, log in to the recycled water plumbing inspection system.

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