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Planet, People, Prosperity

Planet, People, Prosperity describes Yarra Valley Water’s performance and aspirations in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Yarra Valley Water we’re passionate about taking a sustainable approach to everything we do.

Planet, People, Prosperity 2019 outlines our social and environmental commitments and tracks how we’re advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future for all.

Challenges faced in the water sector globally, such as climate change and population growth, call for a new way of working. Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our business strategy provides a global context for how our activities contribute to a more sustainable and liveable future.

We’ve taken our reporting approach a step further in 2019 to meet the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, which represent world’s best practice in sustainability reporting.

This report focuses on our work in 10 key areas, identified through reviewing trends and talking to our customers, staff and partners.

Download Planet, People, Prosperity (10.7 MB)


Hear from Pat McCafferty, Yarra Valley Water's Managing Director, who explains the practical business practices we take to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.




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Planet, People, Prosperity 2018 (PDF, 7MB)