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Park Orchards Sewerage Project

We’ve started the engineering design needed to bring a piped sewerage system to many properties in Park Orchards and a small part of Ringwood North.

Investigations have started

To complete the design and prepare for construction, you’ll see us and our specialist contractors in your neighbourhood. We’ll:

  • Undertake general surveying and assessments.
  • Locate existing power, gas, water and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Carry out geotechnical investigations.
  • Carry out Aboriginal cultural heritage investigation.
  • Conduct ecological and tree surveys.

This information will allow us to refine our engineering plans for the sewerage system and prepare for construction. 

Map showing the Park Orchards project investigation area

Map showing the Park Orchards project investigation area

View a PDF version of the Park Orchards project investigation area map

Will I receive a sewerage service?

These investigations will inform who we can provide a sewerage service to. The design process determines the feasibility of where we can install pipes, and considers many factors including topography, ecological impact, hydraulics and distance to existing infrastructure. 

We’ll be in touch directly with property owners who will be receiving a sewerage service with more information as it becomes available.

When will the sewerage service be available?

The new sewerage system for the Park Orchards area will be designed and built in stages over approximately 5 years. We expect construction to start in 2025.

Why are we building a new sewerage system?

Many properties with outdated septic systems in Park Orchards send greywater straight into street gutters that flow into local creeks and the Yarra River.  Failing systems can also leak untreated wastewater that ends up in neighbouring yards and waterways.

The ‘split system’: the most common polluter

Many properties in Park Orchards have this old type of septic system. Only toilet wastewater goes to the septic tank. Other wastewater from the kitchen, shower and laundry flows through a separate pipe directly to the gutter and into our stormwater system. This untreated greywater ends up in local waterways.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please contact the Community Sewerage Program team on 9872 2551 or email [email protected].