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Kallista Sewerage Project Stage 2

Yarra Valley Water is investigating the sewerage servicing needs of properties in Sherbrooke, Kallista and The Patch

Project details

We have been working with Yarra Ranges Shire Council to identify areas in Sherbrooke, Kallista, and The Patch that are currently operating on septic systems. Due to the characteristics of the land, wastewater may not be contained within an individual’s property boundaries. As a result, the sewage can flow off properties and pose a risk to public health and the environment. The project will be investigated and designed in three packages:

  • Package A
    Includes parts of The Patch (West)
  • Package B
    Includes parts of The Patch (West) and Kallista
  • Package C
    Includes parts of Sherbrooke and Kallista (West)

View a map showing areas being investigated (3.9 MB)

We are in the planning stages of this project, which will provide sewerage services to designated properties in parts of Sherbrooke, Kallista and The Patch.

This project will provide numerous benefits to the area, including:

•    Improving the health of local waterways
•    Protecting public health
•    Reducing odours in the area
•    Offering a more liveable environment for the community.

The infrastructure required to transfer sewage from these areas is under construction as part of the Kallista Sewerage Project Stage 1.   For more information, refer Kallista Sewerage Project Stage 1.

Did you know?

Poorly performing septic systems can be a nuisance for you and your neighbours by creating unpleasant odour and soggy backyards.

Each property will be assessed

Yarra Valley Water investigates each property within the investigation areas by undertaking a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) to determine whether your property will be serviced by the new sewerage system or is suitable to continue using a septic system.

The LCA assesses the property against the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria’s Code of Practice – Onsite Wastewater Management, which considers a range of individual property characteristics including the size of the property, land area available for irrigation, slope, and how close the property is to local waterways.  Risk classification is assigned to each property based on these characteristics.

The LCA does not consider how well your existing septic tank system is performing. Property owners are responsible for their ongoing maintenance and compliance with relevant regulations administered by their local council (which for this project is Yarra Ranges Shire Council).

Not every property assessed will be serviced

 If a property has been evaluated as a low risk, the property will meet the EPA’s requirements for onsite containment and will not be eligible to receive a Yarra Valley Water funded connection to the new sewerage system.

However, if property owners wish to connect to the sewerage network voluntarily, they may apply to do so at their costs. Yarra Valley Water is designing the new sewerage system to allow for these properties to connect should they choose to do so.

As per current requirements, property owners are required to comply with specific Council requirements regarding the operation and maintenance of their septic system.

For further advice on how to maintain your septic system, please refer to Yarra Ranges Shire Council’s online information or contact their Health Services Department on 1300 368 333.

If a property has been assessed as unable to contain all its wastewater onsite or as posing a risk, Yarra Valley Water will assist these properties to connect to the new sewerage service.

Project updates

  • April 2019

    Detailed design for all packages of Kallista Sewerage Project Stage 2 will commence in April 2019.

    Land Capability Assessments of all properties within the investigation area are almost complete and results will be known shortly.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please contact the project manager, James Martin, on 9872 1912 or by email [email protected]