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Sassafras Olinda Sewerage Project – Stage 1

We are planning to provide a new sewerage service to properties in Sassafras and Olinda

We are planning to provide sewerage services to properties in Sassafras and Olinda that cannot contain their wastewater onsite.

Referred to as Sassafras Olinda Stage 1, this project is part of our Community Sewerage Program. We are planning to construct new sewerage pipelines along road reserves and easements, install a pressure sewerage system at approximately 230 properties, then connect them to our sewerage network.

The Sassafras Olinda Stage 1 project will provide numerous benefits to your community, including:

  • Improving the health of local waterways
  • Reducing odours in the area that are currently noticeable
  • Providing a more liveable environment for the community.

For property owners, connecting to the sewerage network means you will not need to maintain a septic tank or replace it when it gets old. Other benefits include:

  • elimination of odours or soggy patches around your home
  • less pollution into the environment
  • greater flexibility of home improvement and extension options.

The more properties that connect to the new system, the better it will be for the community.

The following map shows the areas being investigated to receive this sewerage service, an alternative to on-property septic systems.

View Sassafras Olinda Stage 1 Project Area Map

Why does this area need a piped sewerage system?

Septic tanks work by gradually releasing wastewater so that it is absorbed by the soil and plants on your property. If they are old and beyond their service life, fail or aren’t maintained properly they can create unpleasant smells and boggy areas. They can leak waste onto other properties or the wastewater can flow into local drains and waterways. Sometimes properties are too small to contain the waste; or the land might be steep, so the waste runs off before it is absorbed.

Also, many properties have split systems where toilet water is treated by the septic tank and the wastewater from the kitchen, shower and laundry flows into the stormwater system. This waste is not treated and flows into our creeks, rivers and bay, polluting our waterways.

Project status – planning and investigation stage

Planning this new sewerage system requires extensive investigations, assessments and approvals, and can take up to five years before our designs are ready for construction.

Over the coming months, you may see Yarra Valley Water staff or our contractors in your area undertaking investigations.

We will be in touch with property owners when we have determined the best way to construct the sewerage system. If we need to enter your property as part of this process, we will get in touch with you to make an appropriate time.

What should you do right now?

As we are in the planning stage of this project, you do not need to do anything different to how you are managing wastewater at your property. For further advice on how to maintain your wastewater treatment system, please contact the Environmental Health team at Yarra Ranges Council on 1300 368 333.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the project, please contact Andrew Fenwick, Project Manager, Yarra Valley Water on 9872 1682 or email [email protected].