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Sassafras Sewerage Project

We're constructing a new sewerage system for properties in Sassafras.

After we've finished, over 230 properties in the Sassafras area will receive a connection point to the sewerage system, providing property owners with the option to flush and let us take care of their wastewater.

No more septic tanks, boggy yards, unpleasant odours and polluted waterways.

Building a new sewerage system is a complex job that takes time. You’ll see us in your neighbourhood for the next couple of years. During this time, we’ll do our best to minimise disruption to your daily lives.

We’ll let you know what’s happening, where and when, and do our best to keep you going about your business as usual.

New sewerage pipelines will be constructed along road reserves and easements. Every property along the sewerage pipe path will receive a connection point, allowing them to connect to the sewerage network.

The more properties that connect to the new system, the better it will be for the community.

The following map shows the areas being investigated to receive this sewerage service, an alternative to septic systems.

Map showing Sassafras Community Sewerage area

View Sassafras Project Area Map

Why does this area need a piped sewerage system?

Septic tanks work by gradually releasing wastewater so that it is absorbed by the soil and plants on your property. If they are old and beyond their service life, fail or aren’t maintained properly they can create unpleasant smells and boggy areas. They can leak waste onto other properties or the wastewater can flow into local drains and waterways. Sometimes properties are too small to contain the waste; or the land might be steep, so the waste runs off before it is absorbed.

Also, many properties have split systems where toilet water is treated by the septic tank and wastewater from the kitchen, shower and laundry flows into the stormwater system. This waste is not treated and flows into our creeks, rivers and bay, polluting our waterways.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the project, please contact Project Manager Nick Coull on 9872 1736 or n[email protected].


Project Updates

January 2023

We're starting work to bring a piped sewerage service to most properties in Sassafras. You'll see our contractors, Interflow, focussing their activity on the commercial area along Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, to accommodate the traders' preference for work to happen during the quieter month of February.

While we’re constructing along Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, there will be minor traffic disruptions, including:

  • Some car park closures  we'll minimise this as much as possible
  • ‘Contra-flow’ – when parking places are used (during non-peak times) as a lane to allow two-way traffic to continue
  • ‘Stop/slow’ – for temporary traffic control.

Other construction-related activity you may see and hear includes:

  • Horizontal directional drilling to do most of the pipeline installation. By boring underground, it minimises disturbance to the ground and vegetation above.
  • Noise from machinery, vehicles, saw-cutting and boring.
  • Digging in nature strips, driveways and roadsides.
  • We’ll notify and find alternative arrangements for residents and traders directly affected by works e.g. if driveway access is blocked.

Your water supply and pressure will not be affected during the works.

Want to know more? If you haven't had a consultation with our specialist contractor to discuss what connecting to the sewerage system means for you, it's not too late. Book now at yvw.com.au/bookPSSA. Alternatively, call into our shop at 74 Main Road, Monbulk and speak to one of our team - we're there each Monday from 10 am to 4 pm, or by appointment.

22 November - Sassafras RESIDENT information session

With works in Sassafras starting in the coming weeks, we're inviting Sassafras residents to join us for an information session about the new sewerage system.

If you can't make this one, we'll also be holding another session next year. Alterntively, you're always welcome to pop into our shop at 74 Main Road, Monbulk on a Monday between 10 am and 4 pm. 

We'll be covering:

  • pressure sewer systems '101'
  • what to expect while we’re constructing
  • who does what when constructing the new system
  • what you need to do as a property owner
  • our most commonly asked questions

WHAT:    Information about the upcoming sewerage project
DATE:     Tuesday 22 November
TIME:      9:30 - 11:00 am
WHERE: The Sassafras Hall (Mechanics Institute) 

Register your interest to attend at yvw.info/Sassafras

15 November 2022 - Sassafras TRADER information session

After consulting local Sassafras traders in November, we're holding a follow-up session with works scheduled to begin on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road in February 2023. 

We invite all traders to attend and find out what's happening and how construction will impact the main street. We'll be there with our contractors, so you can ask all your questions. Please register your interest to attend at: https://forms.office.com/r/PMnS9XyRDs

WHAT:    Information session
DATE:     Tuesday 15 November 2022
TIME:      9 - 10:30 am
WHERE: The Sassafras Hall (Mechanics Institute) 

Click on the image for more information:

thumbnail of flyer

Presentation slides from the session:

thumbnail of presentation slides

May 2022

As we finalise the design and start moving towards construction of the new sewerage system for Sassafras, we'd like to invite local traders to attend our engagement session.

We're conscious that Sassafras retailers are dependent on visitors and tourists to the area, so we'd like to provide you with information about the sewerage project and ask you to share your perspectives, ideas and concerns.

WHAT:    Information and consultation about the upcoming sewerage project
DATE:     Wednesday 19 May
TIME:      9 - 10 am
WHERE: The Sassafras Hall (Mechanics Institute) 

Click on the image for more information:

flyer for engagement session