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Monbulk Sewerage Project

As part of the Community Sewerage Program, Yarra Valley Water is planning for the provision of a modern sewerage service for Monbulk.

Monbulk is located in the Dandenong Ranges on Melbourne’s eastern urban fringe, approximately 40 km from the Melbourne CBD. Approximately 160 properties in the town centre are connected to the Monbulk Sewage Treatment Plant.  Properties not connected to the treatment plant, manage their wastewater via on-site treatment systems, such as septic tanks. 

In the mid-2000s we investigated the provision of sewerage services to Monbulk. At the time the project didn’t proceed beyond investigations. Yarra Valley Water is now taking further steps towards a new sewerage service, by starting to assess options to determine the best wastewater management solution for the Monbulk area. Yarra Valley Water is committed to working with you to identify and deliver the most appropriate sewerage service for Monbulk.

The Monbulk Sewerage Project will provide new sewerage services to properties unable to contain wastewater on-site. The Monbulk area has been identified in Yarra Ranges Shire Council’s Domestic Wastewater Management Plan as requiring a sewerage service for these properties.

Map of Monbulk Sewerage Project area

Thanks for having your say

Between 10 July and 4 August 2017, we ran an online forum where you could have your say about which sewerage service you think is best for Monbulk. While the forum has now closed for comment, you can still visit the page and read the comments posted by people in the Monbulk community.

Visit the forum

People were asked to watch the 5 minute video about the two possible sewerage options for Monbulk, and post their opinion on Yarra Valley Water’s preferred sewerage option. 

The comments we received on the forum are being reviewed, and will inform the decision we make about how to provide Monbulk with a sewerage service. 

Recent community events

We set up have a pop-up stand in Main Road, Monbulk between 9.00am - 11.00am  on Saturday 29 July. Thanks to those of you who stopped by and said hello.

On 25 July 2017, we held an information session at the Monbulk Living and Learning Centre, where people in the community could come along to talk to the project team about the proposed sewerage servicing approach for the area. 

The session was an informal drop-in session, and attendance was not mandatory. There was be no formal presentation. About 60 people attended, asking great questions of the project team about the project. 

Did you know?

Poorly performing septic systems in your area are discharging over 1,350 kilograms of nutrients and over 13 trillion viruses every year into your local environment. This nutrient discharge to our waterways is equivalent to dumping 900 bags of fertilizer into our waterways each year! Excess nutrients harm aquatic life and can make waterway conditions toxic.

Poorly performing septic systems can also be a nuisance for you and your neighbours by creating unpleasant odour and soggy backyards.

Project updates

  • March 2017

    • Together with Yarra Ranges Council, we met with the Monbulk Community Reference Group to provide an update, and get community feedback on the options and our proposed engagement approach.
    • We continue to consult with Yarra Ranges Council to ensure that our next steps align with their Structure Plan development.
    • We provided customers in the community sewerage area with an update on these next steps.
    • We will be in touch with the community soon about upcoming opportunities to find out more about the two servicing options, ask questions and have a say about your preferred option.
  • December 2016

    • Following assessment of our consultants’ work we have finalised our two wastewater management options for Monbulk.
    • We will be in touch and update the Community on the next steps in early 2017.
    • We are continuing our organisational consultations, in particular with Yarra Ranges Council.  Council are currently undertaking their Monbulk Structure Plan project and we have provided input to the draft Issues and Opportunities Report.  We will continue to work with Council and align our next steps with their Structure Plan development.
  • August 2016

    • Representatives from our environmental consultant, DWC have completed their fieldwork in Monbulk.  This provided us with key information about properties, which has allowed us to further refine options for managing wastewater in the area.
    • Now that the options investigation is complete, we are finalising our organisational consultations with Council, EPA and Melbourne Water.
    • We are working towards presenting two wastewater management options to the Monbulk community and seeking feedback.  We will be in touch with our plans for community consultation, once our organisational consultations are complete.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please contact Yarra Valley Water's Community Sewerage Planning team on 9872 2551 or by email [email protected]