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Aitken Boulevard North Water Project

We are constructing new water pipes in Mickleham to ensure future residential developments in Melbourne’s northern suburbs can receive a reliable supply of drinking water and recycled water.

Project details

Our construction activities are occurring in developer and council-owned land allocated for the future Aitken Boulevard road reserve, and we'll be avoiding sensitive environmental areas such as the nearby Mount Ridley Nature Conservation Reserve.

Map of where new pipes will be built
The red line represents where new pipes are being built

The work involves using an excavating machine to dig a 1-2 metre-deep trench, lowering the 40-centimetre-diameter pipes into the trench, connecting the pipes, and finally filling the trench in with soil. A vehicle access road will remain alongside the recycled water pipe to allow for future maintenance purposes.

Once completed, the pipes will be a part of Yarra Valley Water’s ‘backbone’ for supplying recycled water to new developments in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Due to the size and depth of the pipes, they are not suitable for properties along the pipe alignment to connect to directly.


Construction activities started from the Mount Ridley Road end in October 2018. The works are scheduled to be completed in mid-2019, subject to good weather and ground conditions.

Protecting the environment

In selecting the location where our pipes would be constructed, it was important to protect the local environment during construction. We have completed extensive environmental investigations to choose the best construction methods and this will reduce environmental impacts (such as tree or native grass removal) during construction.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please contact the project manager Adam Ross, on 9872 1808 or by email [email protected]