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Somerton Sewerage Upgrade Project

We are building a new 2.6-kilometre-long section of sewer pipe, and 24 new sewer manholes, within road reserves in the Somerton area, to ensure the reliability of our sewerage system, as well as cater for growth in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and reduce the likelihood of sewage spilling into the environment during heavy rain events.

Project details

Our contractor, MFJ Constructions, is constructing the new sewer pipe between Oherns Road / Hume Highway to the north, and Cooper Street / Freight Drive to the south. The works started at the southern end, and are progressing in stages towards Hume Highway in the north. 

Update - April 2018

MFJ Constructions is working in several locations at the same time, including along Cooper Street, Fillo Drive and the Hume Highway. Due to some delays due to changing ground conditions, our completion date is now August 2018.

Construction details

Most of the sewer is being constructed using a machine to dig a tunnel, and then pushing lengths of pipe into the underground tunnel hole. Some sections of work occurring away from driveways will be constructed by using an excavating machine to dig an open trench in which the new pipe will be laid. The trench will then be filled in with soil.

Map showing where new pipes are being built
The red line represents where the new sewer pipe will be constructed. The blue line represents sections that have been completed.

Project timeframe

Key project milestones include:

  • Construction commenced – mid-May 2017
  • Construction completed – August 2018

MFJ Constructions will work Monday to Friday between 7.00am and 5.30pm, and some Saturdays between 7.00am and 1.30pm

Community impacts

We are working to minimise the impact of these important works on the community. During the construction period, impacts may include:

  • Water and sewerage services will not be affected by our works.
  • Vehicle traffic will be disrupted due to some temporary lane closures on nearby roads. A Council-approved Traffic Management Plan will be in place throughout the works to make sure traffic flows safely in the area. We will work hard to ensure access to property driveways will be maintained throughout the works.
  • Construction noise such as truck engines, machinery, excavation and associated construction activities.

When the sewerage upgrade works have been completed, MFJ Constructions will clean up their work area and reinstate affected areas, including fixing up road surfaces and nature strips.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about this project, please call the project manager, Paul Wines, directly on 9872 1546.