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Class A recycled water and your business

There are differences between residential and non-residential properties when it comes to the use of Class A recycled water.

Getting connected

To organise a new connection of a non-residential property to our Class A recycled water network, please use our online portal easyACCESS.

Taking over a property

If you take over occupation of a non-residential property that is connected to Class A recycled water, you might be required to have an agreement with us. To find out if this is the case, please email us. To understand risks to human health, livestock or the environment, we assess the potential recycled water use of all non-residential properties.

Class A Recycled Water Agreement

Non-residential property occupiers in mandated Class A recycled water areas are required to have a Class A recycled water agreement with us, unless we determine that recycled water is used in the same way and volume as a residential property.

Where this agreement is required, the property occupier must develop and submit an Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP) to our satisfaction, which forms part of the agreement. The EIP is a risk management plan that covers impacts on human health, the environment and livestock from the use of Class A recycled water.

Please contact us if you have any specific questions, or need more information.

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