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Using recycled water responsibly

Using recycled water in your property comes with some responsibilities to ensure it’s always used safely.

Recycled water is an important alternative water supply source and can be used sustainably over the long term. However if you live in a property that uses recycled water for flushing toilets, operating washing machines and watering the garden you must be aware that this water is intended for use on your property alone.

Recycled water is not suitable for drinking or for food preparation and you must advise anyone living at, or visiting, the property not to drink water from the external recycled water taps.

Your connection will be fitted with purple taps with removable handles to indicate recycled water supply. You may not replace the purple taps with a tap of another colour.

It is the customer’s responsibility to:

  • Use a registered plumber for any or all plumbing works to ensure that the recycled water is only connected to toilets and outside taps.
  • Inform and educate all members of the household and visitors to the property, particularly children, about the significance of the purple taps and the permitted uses of recycled water, most importantly that recycled water in not suitable for drinking or food preparation.
  • Remove the handles when external taps are not being used to prevent children from drinking water from these taps.
  • Ensure warning signs remain in place above all recycled water taps. These signs must be visible and legible at all times.
  • Wash vehicles over garden areas to reduce runoff into the stormwater drainage system, which will flow into waterways.
  • Put into your garden only plants that are suitable for irrigation using Class A recycled water. Class A recycled water contains a higher level of salts and nutrients than drinking water, and not all plants will tolerate these additional nutrients and salts. Advice may be obtained from your local nursery.
  • Water gardens responsibly and do not over water – while recycled water is exempt from outside watering restrictions, over watering wastes this precious resource.

If you have had plumbing work done, or have any concerns regarding the connection of your recycled water supply, you can perform a simple test to verify the connection of your drinking and water supplies. Check your connection.

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