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New property connection

Moving in or purchasing a new property with recycled water.

The property statement issued by Yarra Valley Water which should be available with your Contract of Sale will advise if you have connection to recycled water.

Once you have moved in you will receive a Welcome Kit advising you of your rights and responsibilities in using recycled water.

Please bear in mind that recycled water may not be immediately available.

Check the connection

The recycled water plumbing and taps in your home have been thoroughly checked by Yarra Valley Water at the time of the house construction to ensure there is no cross connection.

If you wish to check that the supply has been connected properly, you can carry out a simple recycled water connection check to test your supply. 

If you have a plumbing enquiry, contact either:

  • the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127, or
  • visit www.vba.vic.gov.au to submit an enquiry online.

Recycled Water Plumbing Inspections

When your house is being built, the plumber is required to contact Yarra Valley Water to arrange inspections of the recycled plumbing work at three different stages.

These inspections are carried out to ensure that only the laundry, toilets and outside garden taps are connected to the recycled water supply and that the plumbing is built to standard, including checking that purple pipes are used.

Information for plumbers

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