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How are you saving water this year?

Using water. It all adds up.

With over 4.8 million of us living in Melbourne, everything we do adds up. From morning to night, water is an essential part of our lives - from having showers, washing dishes and brushing our teeth to watering the garden, flushing toilets and washing dishes, clothes and cars.

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We all have a responsibility to think about our environment and use water wisely.

And that starts with making small, simple and easy changes at home:

Melbourne’s relatively dry climate means we must value this precious resource at all times, even in times of plenty.

For more tips and information, go to the Smart Water Advice website.

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Working towards Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency program that encourages metropolitan Melbourne households to use water efficiently, aiming for 155 litres per person per day.

Melburnians used an average of 161 litres per person per day in 2016/17, five litres less than the year before. This means that we're only another 6 litres away from reaching our target of 155 litres per person per day - two thirds of a bucket of water.

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