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Panton Hill Tanks Upgrade Project

To ensure the ongoing supply of safe drinking water and to improve safety for staff working at Panton Hill, we are constructing a new steel water tank and demolishing the existing concrete tanks.

We will replace the two existing concrete water storage tanks at 668 Kangaroo Ground – St Andrews Road, Panton Hill with a new welded steel tank.

The new tank will be approximately 11 metres high, 12 metres diameter and store 1.03 megalitres – an equivalent capacity to the two existing tanks.

We started work in mid-November 2020 and expect to be completed by November 2021, subject to weather, ground conditions and COVID-19 restrictions.

Our project partners, Simpson Construction Pty Ltd, will deliver this project on our behalf.


To ensure we can continue to supply water to our customers while the new tank is being constructed, this project will be completed in stages.

Stage 1
October to
November 2020

  • Install site offices and construct a new access road from Kangaroo Ground – St Andrews Road to the tanks. This involves widening, re-grading and sealing the existing road. This work will enable us to bring construction equipment to site, safely.

Stage 2
November 2020 to January 2021

  • Decommission and demolish the first concrete water tank and associated telecommunications, valves and pipes.
  • Start constructing the new steel tank once this first concrete tank has been demolished and removed.
  • Recycle the concrete and steel from the tank.

Stage 3
January to
July 2021

  • Construct the new steel tank. This tank will have an equivalent storage capacity as the existing two concrete tanks. This work will be completed by our tank building specialists.
  • Demolish the second tank once the new tank has been connected to our supply network, tested and commissioned.

Stage 4
July to August 2021

  • Decommission and demolish the second concrete water tank.
  • Recycled waste from the site.

Stage 5
August to
September 2021

  • Install new pipework, flow meter and control cabinet.
  • Clean and return site to pre-construction conditions.

Impacts - what to expect

Normal working hours are between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm, Saturday.

Our work will be noisy, especially when we demolish the concrete tanks and when we are welding and painting the new steel tank.

There will be additional traffic on local roads as our construction crews travel to and from site - and when specialist machinery and equipment is being delivered and materials removed.

For safety and to improve access, we need to widen and seal the road to the tanks.

Some of the vegetation and trees along the road and at the tank site will be removed, in accordance with our Planning Permit from Nillumbik Shire Council. To minimise the impact of our work on existing native vegetation and trees, No Go Zones will be established to protect remnant vegetation, flora and fauna.

There will be no interruption to your water supply while this work is being completed.


The map shows the location of the existing water tanks at Kangaroo Ground – St Andrews Road, Panton Hill.

map of location
Existing tank site, 668 Kangaroo Ground, St Andrews Road, Panton Hill


concrete tank picture
Existing concrete tanks to be replaced


New steel tank at Panton Hill
New steel tank 


Project updates

View Project Update - June 2021 (PDF)

View Project Update - February 2021 (PDF 550KB)

View Project Update - December 2020 (PDF 547KB)

View Project Update - September 2020 (PDF 382KB) 

Contact us

For more information about this project, contact the Project Manager,
Shovana Pradhan on 9872 1390 or email [email protected]