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Water Supply Improvement Works - Lorne Parade Reserve Mont Albert

We’re undertaking temporary works in Lorne Parade Reserve to improve the reliability and security of our water supply network.

They will be timed with level crossing removal works in the area to minimise disruption to park users and will last for up to four weeks. Once completed the works will prevent future disruptions to the water supply network as the Union Road project progresses.  


Project details

We’ll insert a new divide valve into the water main located in Lorne Parade Reserve. We’ll also need to build a new connection into the suction pipe that connects to our water pumping station in the north east corner of the reserve.

Our construction partner, Jaydo, will establish a temporary worksite in the reserve to do these works.

Impacts – what to expect

While we install the divide valve, some customers may notice a reduction in the flow of water at their property, particularly in the early morning and evening when water supply demand is usually greatest.

We’ll carefully monitor the pressure in our water supply network to ensure we continue to provide our customers with a flow rate, as guaranteed under our Customer Charter.

We’ve also carefully planned our works to minimise our impact on park users and the environment.

We will need to remove one tree which is in the path of construction. A qualified arborist will be onsite to monitor the tree removal. Tree protection zones will be in place to protect trees near the worksite. 

We’ll also to need to close the playground in the reserve while we do these works. This is for the safety of the community and our workers as part of the playground is within the work area. The playground and all work areas will be fully reinstated when we’re finished.

To further reduce our impact in the reserve, some on-street car spaces will need to be occupied next to the reserve, on Windsor Crescent and Lorne Parade.

The map below shows the location of our works in the reserve.

Works site in Lorne Parade Reserve

How long will the works take and when will they happen?

Works will take up to four weeks, from 16 August to 10 September, weather permitting.

Works will be undertaken Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm. Some weekend work may be required.

We thank our customers for their cooperation and understanding while we undertake these critical water works.

Download the Community Bulletin (PDF 260KB)

Contact us

For more information about this project, please contact Nathan Pitkin, Project Manager during business hours on 9872 1188, or by email [email protected]

For any queries about the level crossing removal works please call 1800 105 105 (24 hours, 7 days) or email [email protected].