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Donnybrook Road East Sewerage Project

Yarra Valley Water is constructing over 3 kilometres of critical sewerage infrastructure to support the growth of communities in Melbourne’s northern growth corridor.

The new sewer will collect and transfer sewage flows from new residential developments east of the Melbourne to Sydney rail corridor, to both the north and south of Donnybrook Road.

The new pipe is important as it will ultimately provide sewerage services to over 16,000 properties.

The new pipe will be built along Donnybrook Road, between the Melbourne to Sydney railway line and the future Koukoura Drive (located in 1145 Donnybrook Road), within a future ‘services corridor’ in which other utility services will eventually be located. This sewer will discharge into the Amaroo Main Sewer.

Construction details

Construction will occur on both sides of Donnybrook Road, with most of the pipe alignment being on the north side of Donnybrook Road. Our pipe alignment will pass through land that is currently privately-owned or developer-owned.

The construction of the sewer will include a combination of open cut excavation and trenchless construction methods. The project involves:

  • Approximately 3.6 km of sewer at depths ranging from approximately 6 to 12 m
  • A trenchless crossing of Donnybrook Road
  • Constructing 15 new sewer maintenance structures up to 2.7m in diameter.

Project timeframe

Key project milestones include:

  • Construction commences – Late January 2018
  • Construction completed – early 2019

Details of work hours will be provided closer to the construction start date.

Community impact

We will work with the contractor to minimise the impact of these important works on the community. During the construction period, impacts may include:

  • Construction noise such as truck engines, machinery, excavation and associated construction activities.
  • Vibration is expected to be minimal but may be noticed in close proximity to the excavation and the shaft sites. We will be monitoring vibration levels.
  • Dust may result from our excavation activities during dry weather, however we will be managing this in accordance with Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria guidelines through the use of water trucks and reduced speed limits.
  • Vehicle traffic will be increased due to the amount of trucks in the area, and a traffic management plan will be in effect throughout the works.

Contact us

If you have any other questions or feedback about this project, please call the project manager, Ben McClurg, directly on 9872 2638 or email [email protected].