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Lockerbie Main Sewer Project

We are building a nine-kilometre-long sewer pipeline between Donnybrook and Beveridge to cater for growth in Melbourne’s northern growth area.

Catering for growth

Melbourne’s northern growth area is expected to accommodate a vast amount of Melbourne’s growing population. The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is predicting that by 2050 the area will be home to around 300,000 people, with 100,000 homes and supporting around 80,000 jobs.

Project details

This project is the second stage of the Amaroo and Lockerbie Main Sewer Project. The Lockerbie Main Sewer runs next to the Melbourne to Sydney rail line and connects into the Amaroo Main Sewer at Donnybrook. The 8-kilometre-long Amaroo Main Sewer pipeline construction was completed in June 2017.     

The Lockerbie Main Sewer will collect and transfer sewage flows from a majority of the proposed new developments and communities in the Donnybrook, Beveridge and Lockerbie area. The nine-kilometre-long pipeline will incorporate up to 14 branch sewer connection points to service future developments. Once finished and the sewer comes ‘online’ it will also collect and transfer wastewater from the existing Wallan Sewage Treatment Plant.    

The sewer pipeline will be built between Beveridge and Donnybrook. The pipeline will extend Melbourne’s existing metropolitan sewerage system by nine kilometres from just north of Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, to around one kilometre north of Minton Street, Beveridge.

The pipeline will be constructed along the western side of the Melbourne-Sydney railway line north of Minton Street, then crosses the railway line and hugs the eastern side of the rail line to its southern end in Donnybrook.

Map of the Lockerbie Main Sewer Project pipeline


The project’s timeline for the design and construction is outlined below:

  • Design was completed in late 2019
  • Construction activities are expected to start in early 2020, following the tender process to award our construction contract
  • Construction is expected to be completed by mid-2021
  • The completed Lockerbie Main Sewer will begin operating in mid-2021.

Project updates

  • January 2020

    In late 2019, Yarra Valley Water completed detailed design and tendered the works. The construction of the sewer has been awarded to a joint venture between Broadspectrum and Jaydo, both well established and experienced contractors in sewer construction.

    We are preparing for work to commence in some areas of the alignment mid-February 2020. 

    Most approvals have been confirmed, with the final approvals expected by the end of January 2020. These will be obtained prior to works commencing.

  • August 2018

    The Lockerbie Main Sewer Project is currently in its detailed design stage, which involves investigating the ecology, cultural heritage, service location and ground conditions of the area where construction will occur, to support the design development.

    Additionally, as part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) construction approvals process, the Lockerbie Main Sewer Project needs to demonstrate how the design avoids or minimises impacts to the environment and waterways, including Merri Creek.      

Project design and approvals

  • Planning approvals

    The planning processes for the project was previously established during the planning scheme amendment, approved by the Minister for Planning in November 2014. This was developed in consultation with Hume City Council, Mitchell Shire Council, Whittlesea City Council, the Victorian Planning Authority, the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (now DELWP).   

    Following the approval of the planning scheme amendment, a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) was applied to the land required for the sewer. As the project progresses, Yarra Valley Water will be required to seek approvals from DELWP, Melbourne Water and local councils, as needed.

  • Environmental considerations

    As outlined in our 2020 Strategy, Yarra Valley Water is committed to work in harmony with the environment, so minimising impacts to the Merri Creek and the surrounding environment are key considerations when designing and constructing the sewer pipeline. 

    We value our natural environment and waterways and will work to minimise the effects of site investigations as well as the construction, operation and maintenance of the Lockerbie Main Sewer Project on areas that are environmentally sensitive. We will seek approvals from DELWP to undertake these activities, as well as from Melbourne Water, to construct the sewer pipeline near Merri Creek and its tributaries.

  • Cultural heritage considerations

    As part of the project’s design investigations, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) will be developed for the land through which the sewer pipeline will pass underground. The CHMP must be approved by the Registered Aboriginal Party for the area, which in this case is the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Conservation Cultural Heritage Council.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about the project, please contact Ian Donald, Project Manager, on 9872 1247