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Development application turnaround times

*We are currently receiving a high volume of applications, calls and emails. To avoid delays, please submit your application as early as possible. Applications are always processed in the order they are received.

Emails will be responded to within 3-4 days.

Our current approximate turnaround times are: 

Application type Expected turnaround time
Emergency Repair 1 business day
Statement of Compliance Request Up to 3 business days
Single Water and/or Sewer – Residential Up to 15 business days
Multi 2-3 Lot Development Up to 15 business days
Build Over Easement – Single, 2 or 3 lot residential development Up to 15 business days
Build Over Easement – 4 lots and above 6 weeks* 
Build Over Easement – Industrial/Commercial/Mixed Use development 6 weeks*
Pressure & Flow 3 weeks*
Single Water and/or Sewer – Industrial/Commercial 6 weeks*
In-Line Booster 6 weeks*
Multi Lot Developments – 4 lots and above 8 - 10 weeks*
Preliminary Servicing Advice 8 - 10 weeks*
Development Deed 8 - 10 weeks*


Please note incomplete applications may be delayed or returned requesting additional information.

Changes to the application process

To make the application process easier, we've made some changes to how applications can be submitted. Land development applications can only be submitted online via easyACCESS.

Log in to easyACCESS

Application delays

Your application may be delayed if:

  • required or accurate information and documentation is not supplied

  • the level of complexity of the development requires further investigation.

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