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Land development information

Land development manual

The land development manual outlines our policies for anyone developing, redeveloping or subdividing land within our service area.

It details the servicing requirements, design, construction, quality assurance and audit policy for land development activities.

View land development manual (PDF, 595 KB)

Build over easement guidelines

Our Build Over Easement (BOE) guidelines provide information about what you need to do if you’re planning to build within an easement, or within 1 metre of one of our assets. You need to consider these guidelines before you start any work.

Learn more about our Build Over Easement (BOE) guidelines.

Sewer servicing guide

The Sewer Servicing Guidelines provide information to developers, property owners, designers, builders and plumbers. These guidelines outline our sewer servicing requirements and ensure a consistent approach across our service area.

View our sewer servicing guide (PDF 6MB)

Pricing handbook

The pricing handbook provides a complete list of our standard products, services and prices.

Download pricing handbook 2023-24 (PDF, 1.18MB) 

Negotiating framework for developers

The negotiating framework sets out procedural and information requirements relevant to services to which developer charges (New Customer Contributions - NCCs) apply.

Negotiating framework for developers

Responsibility for service provision

Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water is responsible for providing shared infrastructure assets (such as headworks, treatment plants, pumping stations, trunk mains and sewers) with sufficient capacity in accordance with a predetermined development plan.


Developers are responsible for:

  • Providing reticulation assets and the cost of connecting those assets to Yarra Valley Water’s infrastructure
  • Paying the costs and building the sewerage network to ensure a new multi lot development is removed from a combined sewerage drain.
  • Paying the costs associated with bringing forward the provision of shared infrastructure assets, if they are required ahead of Yarra Valley Water’s asset development sequence

Yarra Valley Water metering standards and drawings

These are used as a reference for meeting any requirements and adhering to standards associated with metering and services.

Water metering and servicing guidelines

Standard manifold drawings

Standard meter cabinet drawings

Standard recycled water in laundry drawing


Property declarations


Water and sewerage infrastructure is now in place to provide water and sewerage services to the following properties.

A copy of the declaration in accordance with section 144 of the Water Act 1989, was published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

View list of properties declared 19 April 2024 (PDF 103KB)

View Master List 2019-2024 (PDF 2,074KB)


We propose building water and sewerage infrastructure in the following areas to provide water and sewerage services to the following properties. 

View properties intended to receive services - January 2021 (PDF 396KB)


Community Sewerage

We propose building sewerage infrastructure so the following properties can connect to the sewerage system. While we’re unable to provide a date when sewerage services will become available, you can monitor the progress of our works here. Once works have been completed, these properties will be declared to be serviced properties.

Visit Community Sewerage Program information


We have built sewerage infrastructure so the following properties can connect to the sewerage system.

View List of Properties Now Receiving Sewerage Services (PDF 107KB)